Ryo Aoki

Saturday 29 November to Wednesday 3 December 2014.

Ryo Aoki is a film director who is visiting Canberra to work on the documentary Finding 1984 in association with MIGGS productions.

Synopsis of documentary:

In 1948, soon after the end of WWII, the British author George Orwell wroteNineteen Eighty-Four. This seminal work depicted a desperate authoritarian society with civilians kept under constant surveillance by “Big Brother” and all independent thinking ruthlessly persecuted as “thought crime”.

At the time, the novel was recognised as groundbreaking. Today, thirty years after the imagined futuristic setting of the story, the novel’s remarkable influence on artists, musicians, filmmakers and writers is still felt.

In Finding 1984 we evaluate this influence through meeting with prominent cultural figures to learn exactly how Orwell’s writing has influenced their varied and fascinating careers, and to assess not only what Orwell got right inNineteen Eighty-Four but what he got wrong. Finally, we ask our interviewees to play Orwell by predicting what we can expect our world to look like in 2084.