Russell Goldsmith

Friday 13 November - Tuesday 17 November, 2015

Russell Goldsmith is a multiple award winning Melbourne based Sound Designer, Composer, Producer and Audio System Designer. He has a diverse body of work in Theatre, Film, Television, Commercial and Radio Production, Live Music and Installation Art. He has been a continual innovator in the field of creative sound design, and in the integration and application of new technologies in theatrical production.

During his stay at the Gorman Arts Centre ArtSit, Russell will be creating the sound design for The Anchor’s show How Are You? to be performed at The Public Theatre as part of the DESIGN Canberra Festival.


How Are You?

Presented by The Anchor and Aspen Island Theatre Company, How Are You? is a raw and tender piece, inviting the audience into the highly confidential world of human relationships. Using personal stories, fictional narrative and a rich soundscape, How Are You? provides a disarmingly honest account of human emotions and personal choice in the face of exciting first touches, personal insecurities and love’s profound complications.
Venue: The Public Theatre: Civic Square, Canberra ACT 2608
Date: from Tuesday 17 November to Saturday 21 November, 6:30pm

  • Visiting Artist: Russell Goldsmith. Image courtesy of the artist.