Alana Stenning

I’ve been working on a series of dance works that explore different issues around femininity for about two and a half years now. This has resulted in two works that have explored the female body as a consumerist product, and the death of hegemonic femininity.

The work I’ll be researching for this residency is based on the story of La Loba- a wandering woman who collects animal bones and brings them back to life. Through her I’ll be looking at the archetype of the Wild Woman. In Clarissa Pinkola Estès book “The Women Who Run With the Wolves” she talks about the life/death/life cycle and how women can be reborn as their wild selves. I’m hoping to find what exactly that Wild Woman is to me, and how she can portray something that resonates with other women.

This work will become a solo on another dancer who couldn’t be here, so this period is about finding ways into creating movement, trying out large scale imagery and refining where the work could go.