Stuart McMillen

Stuart McMillen is a cartoonist based in Canberra, Australia. Stuart draws long-form comics inspired by social issues involving science, ecology, sustainability, psychology and economics.

Stuart uses intriguing real-life historical events, such as published science experiments, as the basis of his non-fiction comics. The comics capture the literal truth of what occurred in the incidents. But Stuart also transcends the facts, by encouraging readers to think about the relevance that these historical events have for our lives today.

What can the introduction of reindeer to an isolated Alaskan island teach us about sustainability? How much of our behaviour is shaped by a ‘reptile brain’ within us? These questions and more are touched upon via Stuart’s comics.

As of 2018, Stuart McMillen’s most popular comics are Rat Park (2013), War on Drugs (2012), Supernormal Stimuli (2011), St Matthew Island (2011), and Peak Oil (2015). Many of Stuart’s comics have ‘gone viral’ on the web, and have each been seen by hundreds of thousands of readers.

Stuart McMillen is a crowdfunded cartoonist, with an ongoing Patreon crowdfunding campaign hosted at Readers from around the world support Stuart’s cartooning by pledging a recurring monthly payment via this campaign. Stuart includes a three-minute pitch video at explaining how this crowdfunding patronage allows him to continue as an artist.

  • Illustration from War on Drugs (2012)
  • Illustration from Peak Oil (2015)
  • Illustration from Energy Slaves (2017)
  • Illustration from War on Drugs (2012)