Kirsten Biven

Visual artist Kirsten Biven explores patterns through intimate yet abstract interactions and the process is predominately influenced by the natural environment and landscapes. Her art practice includes painting, installation and ink on paper.

Kirsten is currently working on a new series of ink drawings on paper. She uses repeated ink marks to cover the whole surface in a monochromatic pattern, in an ongoing dialogue between hand, ink and/or, to explore the Interconnection of things that make up a whole. It is slow, contemplative process in which the natural landscape serves as the foundation.

Many of Kirsten’s works including her texts paintings and installations, come from a process of collecting, selection and re-arranging of materials sourced on field trips or daily walks in the natural environment. The delicate relation ship that exists between the natural environment and it’s people in a harsh, endures landscape continue to inspire, together with her love of patterns and texture. This has continued to be part of Kirsten’s art practice since her farming days on a remote farm near Esperance WA.

Her formal art education and career began later than most. After studying at Esperance TAFE, and completing a Bachelor of Arts (Art) at Curtin University Perth on 2011, Kirsten has successfully exhibited in Esperance WA and Perth. Her latest two exhibitions, “Paperwork” at Kalamunda Modern WA, and a group exhibition in Denmark (EU) was influenced by two residencies on the west coast of Denmark. After having worked in several Artsource studios in Perth, Kirsten is now excited to continue her art practice in her studio space at Gorman Arts Centre.

  • Photographer Laura Biven,“Paperworks” Ink on paper 56cmx76cm
  • Photographer Laura Biven, Ink on paper 56cmx76cm
  • Photographer Laura Biven, Ink on paper 56cmx76cm
  • Photographer Laura Biven “Changing Symphonies” Ink on Paper 24cmx30cm
  • Photo. Jillian Ciemitis “Stones rolled in lively anarchy” Oil on canvas panels 132cm x 198cm