Halstead Press

Halstead Press is an independent, Australian-owned book publisher specialising in history and heritage books, literature, current affairs, scholarly works and general illustrated books.

With offices in Sydney and Canberra, Halstead Press handles all stages of book production, from concept development to marketing and promotion. We commission research and writing, editing, drafting of text, design and typesetting.

Books are stocked in all good bookstores, and distributed through Woodslane Press here.

The original Halstead Press was founded in 1929 by George Robertson of Angus and Robertson and was Australia’s leading book printer for 40 years.

After a corporate takeover in the 1970s Halstead stopped printing and became a publishing imprint. Robertson’s great grandson acquired the logo and identity, which he passed on to the current company, established in 1991.

In the 21st century, Halstead continues the tradition as one of the longest established independent book publishers under Australian ownership.