Cherylynn Holmes

Cherylynn has an eclectic and busy schedule in her artistic practice. You can find her in her studio at Gorman Arts Centre in the afternoon until early evening, investigating, experimenting and further developing her visual art and design. Using paint, mixed media, soft sculpture and textiles, her work focuses on five main themes including modern life, architecture, astronomy, science and popular culture. Currently her work is inspired by plant rhythms and night lights.

Cherylynn is a volunteer guide at the National Gallery of Australia which, in addition to being a stimulating and enriching experience, enhances her understanding of world art, inspiring new work. Being a practicing artist as the added advantage of being able to communicate technique and form, as well the artist and their history to visitors at the NGA.

Finally, Cherylynn also teaches painting and drawing at Lake Nite Learning in Belconnen, striving to encourage and inspire her students to express themselves with an original and creative statement through a wide variety of painting techniques. Cherylynn also teaches her students to solve problems using the elements and principles of fine art and design so that they may improve. Her aim is to encourage others to see art with fresh eyes so that they can gain confidence and innovate in their own work just as she continues to do so.

  • Cherylynn Holmes painting in her studio at Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Art Atelier.
  • Cherylynn Holmes' studio at Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Art Atelier.