Hired Mother | Interviews in a Phone Booth

  • VENUE: Ralph Indie Program : G Block
  • COST: Free
  • BOOKINGS: Essential
  • PRESENTER: Cathy Petőcz
  • WHEN: 16 November 2019
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Playwright Cathy Petőcz will be taking residence in Gorman Arts Centre’s glass-paned phone booth for two weeks to engage in a visible writing practice. She will be working on her play Hired Mother—a surreal, near-future drama about mother-daughter relationships—and turning the writing process inside-out to be viewed by visitors, voyeurs, and passers-by alike.

Cathy will be participating in Gorman Arts Centre’s Open Studio on Saturday 16th November and will be hosting a series of one-on-one conversations with the public to hear about their experiences as mothers or daughters, their mum fantasies, or even wondering about their own capacity to mother, whatever that means.

Women and people who don’t identify as women are equally welcome to weigh in. During the rest of the residency, Cathy can be witnessed writing, thinking, typing, Skyping with Melbourne dramaturg Jenni Medway, or having left the space for a brisk walk to think kinetically.