Currawong Call Exhibition

  • VENUE: Gorman Arts Centre : Nancy Sever Gallery
  • PRESENTER: Nancy Sever Gallery
  • WHEN: 12am to 12am
    30 November 2019 - 22 December 2019

The Nancy Sever Gallery is pleased to present Currawong Call, an exhibition of recent work by Annie Franklin. The paintings in this exhibition are about the variety, the importance, the fragility, the light, the sound, the colour, the birds and the bees, the seasonal moods, the diversity and the relevance of this threatened landscape.

Annie Franklin has been an art mentor and coordinator for several public art projects on the South Coast, Printmaker-in-Residence at Megalo Access Arts in Canberra, a printmaking tutor at the Batchelor Institute of Indigenous Tertiary Education in the Northern Territory, and Arts Coordinator for the Munupi Association on the Tiwi Islands. Her work is to be found in the National Gallery, the Canberra Museum and Gallery and other institutional and private collections.. Annie currently lives and works at Lake Wapengo NSW.