Collected Resonances

  • VENUE: Ainslie Arts Centre : Reception Hall
  • COST: $5
  • BOOKINGS: Tickets at the door
  • PRESENTER: The ANU Experimental Music Studio, in partnership with Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres
  • WHEN: 6am to 7:30am
    21 April 2016

Collected Resonances is a concert series curated by students in the ANU Experimental Music Studio.

Each evening consists of four 20-minute sets featuring different groups of sonic and visual artists from Canberra and further afield, with a focus on creating a performance space encouraging innovative cross-media collaborations.

Featuring Parks, Low Flung, Opus and Laura Ingram


p a r k s
An electronic duo from Canberra that combines live instrumentation with twisted samples and experimental loops. They create a blend of ambience, gritty hip-hop beats, doom-jazz and shoegaze. Consists of John Evans and Jonathan Corcoran who have been making music together for over 7 years, p a r k s began as a project in mid-2013. They have recently returned from a short Southeast Asian tour.

Low Flung
Low Flung is an audio based project by visual artist Danny Wild. Mostly ambient, sometimes rhythmic, on occasion melodic, from time to time dissonant. Investigation / improvisation / source and influence ~ field recordings and synthesizers

Opus are a free-improvisation band from Canberra consisting of performer/composers Millie Watson, Benjamin Harb and Benjamin Drury. The band explores different non-standard instrumental combinations and uses of electronics found objects and acoustics in their performances. In general they work with quiet sounds to build textural sound-scapes inspired by Morton Feldman, Alvin Lucier and Pauline Olivereos.

Laura Ingram
Canberra born Jazz vocalist Laura Ingram has been refining her craft for several millennia. She has performed as lead vocalist for the ANU Experimental Ensemble, Winners of the 2014 ANU Chamber Music Ensemble Award. She graduated Art History from ANU in 2014 and has since been working as a vocal tutor, developing her Listening Training business using Tomatis® Method and performing sound healing with Bio-field Tuning forks. She hosts chanting meditations in the NGA Skyspace every four months and regularly performs at Canberra’s live music mecca Smiths Alternative.
In this performance the artist explores the way our physical body interacts with the psyche.  An intermediary between the two spheres, the voice is a liminal space, betwixt and between the purely physical and the psychological, thus possessing a transformative power.  Experience the joy and potential of the human voice, free from form and expectation with this enlivening and adventurous songbird.