Ahead of the Game: Reflections

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Tristan Meecham
“The first week of ‘Ahead of the Game Queer Arts residency’ was designed to introduce artists to a range of queer and community arts practices, locally and nationally.

The aim of this first week intensive was to connect artists who hadn’t previously worked together, finding mutual reference points and connections to help build our second stage development when we will start working together on a new queer sport.

I love Zev Aviv, Emma McManus and Gus McGrath!”

Zev Aviv

“I often felt like it was a celebration, especially of each other as artists and people. As well as a place where there was a lot of room for honesty and uncertainty, vital elements for any good art in my opinion. It was the right kind of hard work and I’m itching to get back in the room with my teammates.” 

Gus McGrath
“I appreciated the many different people and groups new were able to connect with during the residency period, and the Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres put together a core group for the project who had diverse skills and ideas around sport. I am excited to move ahead in this project in an encouraging environment and apply concerns of my own practice into a public group sport- artwork- performance- thing.”

Emma McManus

“We talked about trans approaches to performance design with M’ck McKeague – which really opened my eyes in terms of designing for an audience as well as for the show itself as an act of care”

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