Emerging DJs set to take over Gorman today

Saturday, 19 May 2018

AUTUMN REVEL is finally upon us! That means Dj Dot, Arabella, MC Phee, Sala and WZRDGRL are all gearing up to person the decks at Gorman Arts Centre’s Wisteria Stage.

Self-professed sparkly DJ rap beatz goddess queen, WZRDGRL, caught up with us ahead of the day, and had some sage advice for fellow up-and-comers.


WZRDGRL (said ‘Wizard Girl’ for those taken aback by the lack of vowels) is a sparkly DJ rap beatz goddess queen who knows nearly nothing about DJing or rapping but luckily she’s a goddess so knowledge is irrelevant.

How long have you been DJing and how did you get into it?

I have legit attempted DJing once. And now have a set at the Arts Centre? Ridiculous.

Minna Featherstone of Good Content, a collective of women who love to DJ, has been running small workshops for women and non-binary people to get into the typically male-heavy scene of DJing. All five of us from the workshops, including DJ Dot, Sala, MC Phee and Arabella, now have a slot to get some decks out and give it a grand hot boogie.

What’s one pro tip for someone who wants to get started as a DJ?

Get a DJ name then take all of the vowels out.

Then say yes whenever you’re asked to perform even if you don’t actually know what DJing is yet.

What’s your ideal Autumn jam?

If there was a song that was just the sounds of feet stepping on crunchy leaves then I wouldn’t need music anymore. Actually, I’m going to make that song now bye.

Head to the East Courtyard at Gorman Arts Centre from 2:00 pm til 4:00 pm to catch five emerging DJs as part of AUTUMN REVEL


  • WZRDGRL is one of five emerging DJs set to develop their skills at AUTUMN REVEL.