Salt Room interview: Nick Delatovic (This Band Will Self Destruct)

Wednesday, 26 April 2017

For each edition of the Salt Room in 2017, our poetry curator, Andrew Galan, is asking performers a series of questions to provide some insight into their practice and themselves, as well as a short work they would like to share. Each of these questions has been found in the interviews of well-known dead poets.


‘Now what about music, are there particular pieces of music which give you special comfort when you are feeling over-strained?’ (1959, John Freeman to Dame Edith Sitwell, Face to Face)

Yes of course.


‘What do you think about the artist being supported by the state?’ (1956, Marion Capron to Dorothy Parker, the Paris Review)

I believe that every local council should pay for the living expenses and practice of exactly one artist, who’s status is secured by achieving first place in an annual artistic decathlon.


‘In interviews you’ve been known to rail against “the obscure and effete in poetry” – that “heavy, pretentious ‘boys’ poetry” full of semantic incoherence.’ (2007, Magdalena Ball to Dorothy Porter, Compulsive Reader)

Yes, I believe that until all performance enhancing drugs are legalised, poetry will be a fundamentally dishonest pursuit.


The world outside your own circle of friends tends to think of you as being remote eccentric forbidding and rather dangerous, now perhaps that’s a false impression and I want you to tell me face to face what sort of person you really are, now first your appearance, which everybody knows, why did you devise the very personal style of clothes that you wear so often? (1959, John Freeman to Dame Edith Sitwell, Face to Face)

I have one simple organising principal in my choice of clothing, which is that I must be able to change level from upright to a low squat position at all times. I align to the trends of the mainstream as much as said principal allows.


A short piece from Nick Delatovic:


Nick Delatovic is a writer, producer and performer based in Canberra.

Nick Delatovic spent 2016 forming bands. Each band only existed for one day. Every song they wrote got it’s own music video complete with costumes, sets and a story. Every song was played live, and then never again. These 12 music videos chart a doomed attempt to make sense of the world through pop music.

This Band Will Self Destruct VOL 2- In which a band called Blade Gang was born with the sunrise and died with the sunset on the shores of Lake Burley Griffin

Nick will be screening This Band Will Self Destruct VOL 2 as part of the Salt Room alongside Emily Crocker, Paul Munden and Brentley Frazer, at 7:30pm on Friday 5 May at the Gorman Arts Centre. The Salt Room is presented by BAD!SLAM!NOBISCUIT! and Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres. Tickets $15 full or $10 concession available online or at the door.

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