Opening Party Preview: Los Chavos

Sunday, 6 December 2015

The countdown is on on until our Opening Party, a multi-arts extravaganza to be held at Ainslie Arts Centre on 10 July 2015.

We caught up with Andy Jauregui from Los Chavos, who are headlining the event, to give you an insight into what to expect!

Hi Andy, in 3 words, how would you describe Los Chavos?

Energy, Dance and Fun 

What can audiences expect from a Los Chavos gig?

To have a good time, enjoy Latin music and dance without the pressure to know Salsa.

Do you have any key influences or inspirations?

The band has a Latino band influences such as Ozomatli, Los Fabulosos Cadillacs, Café tacvba. We incorporate many genres in our music, so we can play a bit of Salsa with reggeaton, or Ska with Merengue.

Who takes care of the song writing, or is it a joint effort?

In the band Andy (singer) brings most of the songs but then the band workshops the song together. It is here where we try different genres, see if it needs more lyrics or if some part of the song doesn’t work we work out a new part. So the workshops are a team writing time.

Does anyone in the band have a secret talent?

Oh yes!  Andy (vocals) does Zumba; Joe (Saxophone) and Alex (Keyboard) play soccer; Jason (Drummer) builds stuff; Corey (Trumpet) does BJJ [Brazilian Jujitsu]; Alec (Bass) and Francisco (Conga) we really don’t know, we still finding out and Matt (Guitar) is a rapper and he is really good at it.

What’s been your best on stage moment so far?

There are many great moments. A couple would be at the National Multicultural Festival 2014. That was mad! So many people jumping to the beat of Los Chavos. Then like 50+ people of the audience jumped onto the stage and started to dance with us while we played. It was LOCO.

And also at the MAMAs (MusicACT Awards Music Awards). To be invited to participate at that event was fantastic.

And worst onstage moment?

Not been able to hear ourselves play. It is the worst as we relate to each other and when we can’t hear what the drummer is doing or the bass, the band can get lost.

What’s your favourite song to play?

El Guapo (The Handsome) it’s a song that about how good looking the guy is but the girl doesn’t see it, until one day he will have to move on and will be lost to her. It always brings a smile to my face when I listen to it.

Apart from your set, what are most looking forward to at the Opening Party?

To have a fantastic night and enjoy all the other performances and art. Personally I am looking forward to the light and video projections by ANU, looks like it will be mad.




  • Los Chavos. Image: Supplied