Opening Party Preview: Alexander Boynes

Monday, 7 December 2015

Canberra artist Alexander Boynes will be showing his incredible installation and video work at our Opening Party this Friday!

We caught up with Alexander to find out more:

Hi Alexander, we’re so pleased to have you on board for our Opening Party, tell us a little bit about what you have planned

I’ll be exhibiting a large video installation work called Lumen and another couple of screen-based video pieces, all three using the body as a means to investigate the themes of place, belonging and time.

What’s your background as an artist?

I guess the short answer is both of my parents are artists, and moved to Canberra to teach at the ANU School of Art before I was born. They encouraged me to be a lawyer, a stockbroker, a doctor or anything but a poor artist. I ended up studying Gold and Silversmithing at the ANU, and my practice has evolved to include painting, photography, print media, light-based work, and video installation. However, the truth is my background has probably got more to do with genetics.

What are the key themes that inform your practice?

I’ve always been fascinated by light, movement and the human body. More recently my work has explored human adaptation, the boundaries set by our environment, and the ephemeral nature of existence. My work often investigates the intersecting lines between technology and the body, our approach to the landscapes we inhabit in the digital age, and aims to address contemporary culture and its fears, challenges and the hope for a positive future for Australia.

In your work, you engage with multiple mediums, including digital technologies. For you, what is the value of a multi-disciplinary approach?

I feel as artists we are in a really interesting time where the relationship between nature and technology is becoming increasingly blurred – humans are ever-present and connected, yet physically removed. Personally I find the interplay between organic and digital representation, and work created at the edges of these worlds really exciting. My work has been strongly influenced by music and performance in recent years, and the translation of ideas and how they might be represented across mediums.

I’m also currently developing a full-length performance work with multi-disciplinary art collective PRAXIS, that I established in 2013 with dancer/choreographer Laura Boynes (my sister!), and cellist/composer Tristen Parr.

How would you sum up your creative process?

I’m constantly working between creating linear time in video, and static moments in pictures. I combine photography, video, depth-mapping technology, painting and installation to work across a variety of outputs, each work often influencing how I approach the next.

 Do you have any key influences or inspirations?

My family and my friends. I have so many creative, intelligent and witty people who really encourage and support me, and seeing the amazing things they’re doing – whether it’s touring performance works, working towards a sustainable future for the Australian environment, or just pushing themselves to try something new, there’s always someone in my life inspiring me.

What do you like about having a Canberra based practice?

Canberra is fast becoming Australia’s best-kept secret – we have a wealth of national institutions, world renowned creatives across every field, booming urban culture hotspots, and it’s still only 5 minutes drive from wherever you live to a nature reserve. Pretty soon I’m going to stop defending Canberra to the rest of the country, and pretend to agree. Let’s keep the secret to ourselves!

What are you looking forward to seeing at the Opening Party?

The wealth of creative talent this city has to offer – and hopefully a whole lot of faces I’ve never seen before engaging with it!

  • Alexander Boynes, Lumen, 2014, installation. Photo: Supplied
  • Alexander Boynes, Breathe, 2014. Photo: supplied