Maura Pierlot

5/10/18 - 8/10/18

With dramaturg/director, Gin Savage and a team of young actors I will be undertaking a creative development of my new play, Fragments, a series of eight interconnected dramatic monologues on mental health.

Rarely presenting as neat packages, mental health issues often involve feelings and behaviours with jagged edges and blurred origins. Fragments embodies the theme that stress at home, at school and in life is challenging young people beyond their usual coping abilities, often leaving them disenfranchised and vulnerable.

I wrote Fragments to start a conversation. So much of adolescent life is spent looking inwards that it’s perhaps not surprising that mental health issues are often internalised and ignored. Swimmers put up their hands when struggling in a rip, but there is no clear, universal signal for people who need help with mental health issues. And sometimes the waters are so turbulent that people don’t recognise themselves in each other, like the teens in Fragments.

The aim of the development is to dig deep into the monologues to explore their full potential as individual pieces and as part of a unified work, culminating in a rehearsed reading for feedback purposes from a small but diverse audience.