Christopher Samuel Carroll

29/9/18 - 16/11/18

Icarus is a solo physical theatre piece, loosely based on the true story of a stowaway’s epic journey hidden in the landing gear of a plane, before falling to his death on a street in a quiet and unassuming London suburb. On one level, the story is heroic, epic, and fantastical, with allegorical references to the myth of Icarus – but set in the context of the most extreme and brutal conditions, and born of the most basic instincts of human survival.
The style of performance draws from the physical theatre/nouveau cirque of the likes of James Thierée and Theatre de Complicité, combining a physical virtuosity with a vivid, interactive soundscape, shifting fluidly between the worlds of dreams and reality, and between action-led narrative and clown-like play. Icarus is an ambitious cross-discipline experiment between physical theatre and sound design, that aims for a pure, accessible form of storytelling, treating dark and complicated subject matter with a lightness of touch, and focusing on the humanity at the heart of this incredible story.

  • photogrphie par Alexander J.E. Bradley