• Dimensions– 36.2 x 15.1 m Eastern Courtyard, 9 x 15m Western Courtyard
  • Occupancy Loading – 441 people each
  • Features– Lawns, heritage planting, covered walkways. Hawthorn tree centrepiece
  • Floor– Lawns and paved walkways
  • Lighting– In-ground lights under the trees. Under-eave lighting beneath all covered walkways. Please discuss with us if additional lighting is required.
  • Sound– There is no permanent sound system in the courtyard. Sound equipment may be able to be arranged to suit your event. Please contact us with your requirements so we can see if we can organise a package to suit your needs.
  • Other– Courtyards are available to hire in conjunction with other spaces at Gorman Arts Centre, ie. the Gorman Main Hall or Ralph Wilson Theatre.


Note: These rates are only for meetings, classes and rehearsals. For all other events, including weddings, concerts and public presentations, please contact us for a detailed quote. 

Full hourly rate per courtyard – $168.00
Full daily rate per courtyard – $1176.00
Minimum hire of 2 hours.

  • The East Courtyard at Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Andrew Sikorski.
  • The East Courtyard at Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Andrew Sikorski.
  • You Are Here event in the courtyards at Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Adam Thomas.


Two internal courtyards provide Gorman Arts Centre with attractive gardens and spacious lawns, each with a magnificent Hawthorn tree at its centre.

These beautiful, heritage gardens are unique to Gorman Arts Centre, and are tranquil spaces that connect artists’ studios and workshops, a gallery and restaurant. The courtyards can easily accommodate several hundred guests, and provide a unique garden setting for events, outdoor screenings, live music, and weddings, all in the centre of Canberra.