QL2 Dance

QL2 Dance is dedicated to diverse, challenging and rigorous youth dance which develops the next generation of dance-makers, contributing to a dynamic, diverse society. QL2 excites audiences with thoughtful, challenging dance works: the hearts and minds of young people speaking through their bodies.

QL2 wants young people to develop as artists and be valued. Ql2 wants diversity; with the most vibrant young creatives emerging as choreographic leaders. QL2 wants engagement with dance to become a lifelong passion, believing the nascent artist in each young person should be valued and developed at an early age, developing both technical facility as dancers and choreographic understanding. A belief in the value of dance both as an artform; and as a vehicle for personal and community development, lies at the core of QL2’s work.

Programs run for ages 8–26 that focus on igniting and developing young people’s creative energy and dance skills. Young people can join QL2’s programs at various points and work with them for periods of a few days to many years. Although not a dance school, QL2 also provides dance training, and build a deep understanding of dance-making and performance through collaborative projects.

QL2’s programs include Quantum Leap, Canberra’s auditioned youth dance ensemble; the Soft Landing program, assisting the best dance graduates to find their creative pathway; the Chaos performance project for younger dancers; choreographic development and performance projects; and Curated Residencies for developing artists.

QL2’s premises at Gorman Arts Centre are a hub for Canberra’s flowering independent dance scene.

  • QL2 Dance, rehearsals for Hit the Floor. Photo courtesy of QL2 Dance.
  • Dancers from QL2 Dance performing in Taipai. Photo courtesy of QL2.
  • QL2 Dancers, Hit the Floor. Photo courtesy of QL2 Dance.
  • QL2 Dancers rehearsing for 'Hit the Floor'. Photo courtesy of QL2.
  • QL2 Dancer rehearsing for 'Hit the Floor'. Photo courtesy of QL2.
  • QL2 Dancers rehearsing for 'Hit the Floor' at the Playhouse, 2013. Photo courtesy of QL2.
  • QL2 Dancers rehearse for 'Leader of the Pack', 2013. Photo courtesy of QL2 Dance.