Mary Violet Creative

Mary Violet Creative is a small organisation specialising in the support of artists and creative business owners through career coaching, small event management and administrative services.

Ruth O’Brien, local Canberra vocalist, started Mary Violet Creative in May (2017) after seeing fellow creative friends struggling to develop their careers passed a certain point.  Having studied both a Bachelor of Science in Psychology (2008) and a Diploma in Music Performance (2013) and also having a special interest in business, Ruth decided to put all these skills together to create a small organisation that she hopes will assist Canberra artists and creative business owners.

Mary Violet Creative has a monthly newsletter providing a snapshot of arts news, business & marketing tips and opportunities for Canberra artists both regionally and Australia-wide.  Mary Violet Creative also plans to host and facilitate workshops and events for artists and creatives of all types to help those with creative career aspirations succeed.  To keep informed of upcoming events subscribe to the newsletter via the website or visit the Facebook page.