Luminescence Chamber Singers

Luminescence Chamber Singers is a virtuosic chamber music ensemble comprised of eight young singers. It is also the umbrella organisation for the Luminescence Children’s Choir.

Since the ensemble’s earliest iterations in 2013, the Luminescence Chamber Singers have quickly gained a reputation for presenting exciting and excellent singing. This octet is comprised of singers who have a diverse range of musical expertise. In addition to being both soloists as well as ensemble singers, many Luminescence artists are also conductors, composers and instrumentalists. The Chamber singers have collaborated with artists such as Aria award-winning pianist and composer Sally Whitwell, Sally Greenaway, Olle Palmqvist and Louise Page. They perform a wide range of repertoire from the Renaissance period to the 21st century, and frequently premiere new music by young Australian composers. In addition to a busy performance schedule, the Luminescence Chamber Singers offer a variety of workshops to schools and community choirs.

Luminescence Chamber Singers is also the umbrella organisation for the Luminescence Children’s Choir. The Luminescence Children’s Choir is a treble choir for singers aged 10 – 17 and is conducted and directed by AJ America, a founding member of the Luminescence Chamber Singers. The newly launched Children’s Choir delivers high quality and holistic music education including a 2 year sight-singing course, however it is also intended to be an ensemble of artistic excellence in its own right. The Luminescence Children’s Choir regularly works with and performs with both the Luminescence Chamber Singers and various guest artists.

Luminescence Chamber Singers:
Lucus Allerton, Bass
AJ America, Alto
Patrick Baker, Bass
Cody Christopher, Tenor
David Faraker, Tenor
Chloe Lankshear, Soprano
Veronica Milroy, Soprano
Olivia Swift, Alto

Luminescence Children’s Choir:

AJ America, Artistic Director and Founder

Emily Buckley, Pianist


General Manager: Lilly Hannock


To contact Luminescence Children’s Choir, please e-mail: