David Pereira

David Pereira is currently accepting new students for cello, composition and improvisation for tuition at Ainslie Arts Centre. All levels welcome. 

David Pereira is a top-level cellist and teacher of all levels of development including beginner (adults and children).  An improviser, writer, composer, conductor, Pereira has based his teaching practice at Ainslie Arts Centre  since early 2015.

An eminent freelance cellist/musician, Pereira was a Senior Lecturer at the ANU School of Music for 25 years. A Former principal cellist with the Sydney Symphony Orchestra and Australian Chamber Orchestra and 11 years cellist of the Australia Ensemble, Pereira is accomplished in all cello fields including concerto, recital and solo recording.

Pereira has also extensively recorded on the Tall Poppies label and was recently named as the Canberra Region Artist of the Year by the Canberra Critics Circle.

Pereira has published two books, Violoncello! One With Your Sound (2001) and The larrikin cellist : 68 ideas on freedom and control for the extraordinary cello student (2008).

To see David Pereira in action, visit his YouTube channel.

Pereira also teaches Ashtanga Yoga (Vinyasa Flow) to his cello students as well as to non-musicians. He considers that for most cellists Yoga practice is highly recommended to contribute to cellists’ general and instrumental longevity and health. More information can be found here.

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  • David Pereira. Image: supplied
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