The Slip Lane

  • VENUE: Off-Site
  • COST: $38/$32
  • BOOKINGS: Via The Street
  • PRESENTER: Aspen Island Theatre Company
  • WHEN: 4:30am to 5:30am
    29 July 2016 - 1 August 2016
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Aspen Island Theatre Company presents The Slip Lane, an original play about loneliness and human connection set on the fringes of … Canberra …
Discarded from society and alienated from his own existence, Matthew seeks purpose to his life through a campaign to improve the intersection of Gundaroo Drive and the Gungahlin Drive Extension. Missy is spooked by a threatening presence outside her window and needs a confidant. Reluctantly thrust together in the mortal struggle with the meaning of each other’s lives and the apparitions that stand between them, the only thing that can save them is in short supply. Compassion.

The Slip Lane is an original absurdist play that peels back the veneer of suburbia to reveal the unlikely array of everyday joys, cruelties and lives it holds within. With Gungahlin at its heart, it ranges from the local to the metaphysical to speak about Australia today.

Written & Directed by Julian Hobba
Set & Costume Design: Imogen Keen
Visual Artist: Danny Wild
Lighting Designer: Gillian Schwab
Sound Designer: Kimmo Vennonen
Performers: Nick Delatovic, Dene Kermond, Clare Moss, Emma Strand

Venue: The Street Theatre, 15 Childers St, City West ACT

Performance times: Thursday 28 – Saturday 30 July at 7.30pm; Sunday 31 July at 6.30pm