Out of Space

  • VENUE: Gorman Arts Centre : Batman St Forecourts
  • PRESENTER: Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres
  • WHEN: 7 April 2016 - 17 April 2016

See the Gorman Arts Centre forecourts on Batman Street transformed by artists in our new temporary public art project, Out of Space. Featuring installations by Chris Dalzell and Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service.

Join us for drinks and music at the opening of Out of Space on Wednesday 6 April at 6.00pm.

Each artist will give a workshop to be held on Saturday 9 and 16 April, 10am-12pm.

Read the essay by Grace Blakely-Carroll.


In Automatic Sculpture Workshop, Chris Dalzell will guide you through the process of creating your very own sculpture in wood. 10am-12pm, Saturday 9 April at Gorman Arts Centre. $10. Bookings required.

Join the writers at Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service as they navigate you through the limitless creative expression that is letter writing in these two workshops. 10am-11am and 11am-12pm,  Saturday 16 April at Gorman Arts Centre. $10. Bookings required.


Emerging artist Chris Dalzell’s sculpture in wood explores the concept of contained spaces, the spaces that we inhabit everyday such as our houses, rooms and offices. Dalzell will bring these private spaces into public view with his work, an abstract form that encourages interaction and invites reflection on the spaces we live in. Drawing on the history of Gorman Arts Centre as a space for creativity and expression both in its public theatres and private studios but also on the history of the building as a hostel and home for young people moving to Canberra this work will create a striking entrance to the centre from the Northeast Forecourt.

In the Northwest Forecourt, is Ms Constance Spry’s Letter Writing Service. Ms Spry and her team of expert letter writers including Ms. Odinetine Baracuda Throsful (Doctor of Letters), Ms. Lucy Alexander, Miss. Prue Nounce and Ms. Humphrietta Tartortoo will be opening their en plein air office between 10am and 4pm every day to write your letters. But what shall the letters contain? Perhaps some slight has befallen you which demands a response? Or you desperately yearn to reveal your deepest love to the object of your affection? Maybe even a letter to express a memory of the Gorman Arts Centre? Whatever needs to be said deserves to be said in a letter….or a post card, which will also be available as a quick option for the time poor among us.