ONLINE CLASS: Life Support, Drawing the Figure

  • VENUE: Online
  • COST: See Website
  • BOOKINGS: Essential
  • PRESENTER: Eye to Hand Workshops
  • WHEN: 12am to 12am
    5 April 2020 - 10 May 2020
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Life Support | 6 week course | ONLINE

Join contemporary artist Genevieve Swifte for an online drawing course exploring the figure, portraiture, self portraiture, anatomy and perspective. This course is suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and is open to students thirteen years and over.

What will you be learning?

• Help you see the world around you with greater clarity 
• Translate what you see from three dimensions into two 
• Heighten the sensitivity and dexterity of your hand, wrist and arm 

Moving between technical instruction, poetic interpretation and forms of abstraction, participants will have access to: 

• Guided observation and mark making exercises informed by dance theory, neuroaesthetics and contemporary drawing practices 
• Anatomical diagrams and theoretical frameworks for drawings of the human form 
• One-on-one feedback and support