ONLINE CLASS: Stillness, Still life on Paper

  • VENUE: Online
  • COST: See Website
  • BOOKINGS: Essential
  • PRESENTER: Eye to Hand Workshops
  • WHEN: 12am to 12am
    5 April 2020 - 10 May 2020
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Stillness | 6 Week course | ONLINE

Contemporary artist Genevieve Swifte invites you to a virtual corner of her home to draw still life works from a variety of prompt objects.

Find stillness and purpose in the everyday objects around you, this workshop will take a specific focus on the depiction of light and shadow.

Genevieve’s Workshops tend to be a wonderful mix of beginners, talented teens and experienced artists. 

Each of her classes are carefully researched and are designed to:

• Help you see the world around you with greater clarity
• Translate what you see from three dimensions into two
• Heighten the sensitivity and dexterity of your hand, wrist and arm

Moving between technical instruction, poetic interpretation and forms of abstraction, participants will have access to:

• Guided observation and mark making exercises 
• Lessons in foreshortening and the depiction of forms in space 
• One-on-one feedback and support