Kids x Art Residency Program

  • WHEN: 21 February 2020 - 29 March 2021

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres would like to welcome performing artist Pablo Latona!  Pablo is our artist-in-resident for the inaugural Kids x Art 20/21 residency program and will be channelling his creative focus to working with young adults. Pablo has been performing and directing for the best part of two decades. He began as a circus performer before moving into physical theatre and participatory art. In that time, he has directed shows in Nairobi; toured Europe with a monkey; taught skipping in Uganda and performed a 168-hour solo show in a shop window.

Pablo’s approach to his Kids x Arts residency is simple:

Step 1: Trust. Give kids more trust than they are expecting.

Step 2: Listen to kids.

Step 3: Make art for them to show we listened.

What are the three things that excite Pablo about his Kids x Art residency?

  • Being around a community of other artists. I can’t wait to meet everyone and learn about their work.
  • Working with the A+G team. I’m a long-time fan of Adelaide and Rochelle and Joseph. And now meeting the rest of the crew it’s becoming increasingly obvious that A+G only hires lovely people! There must be an exception… Who is the exception??
  • Having a cool big tree outside my studio window.
  • Pablo
  • Kids x Art.
  • Photo: Andrew Sikorski