Gorman Sessions: Mess Esque + Eleanor Malbon/Hannah de Feyter

  • VENUE: Ainslie Arts Centre : Ainslie Main Hall
  • COST: $10-20
  • PRESENTER: Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres
  • WHEN: 6:30pm to 9pm
    18 February 2022
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UPDATE: For COVID safety reasons Gorman Sessions will be held to Ainslie Main Hall.

Gorman Sessions features rippling strings, aquatic textures, and melancholic wordplay from two beautiful collaborative explorations. 

Mess Esque coalesce from ripples of guitar and shudders of emotion into the bumps and grooves of songs with biologic inevitability. Mick Turner’s (Dirty Three) aquatic guitar moods are met where they live and breathe by the vocals and dream imagery of Helen Franzmann aka McKisko, causing nights, moons, low tides and empty landscapes to simmer with raw passion. 

Eleanor Malbon words have a distinctly ecological flavour, making new words for ecological crisis and the age of endings. Her poems have been published nationally by Cordite, Grapple Publishing, Express Media and internationally by New River Press.  Hannah de Feyter performs solo with her experimental viola project ALPHAMALE, exploring connections between sound and gender expression. Her sound design work includes Vinegar Tom (Coup, 2016) Unbecoming (Canberra Theatre Centre, 2019) and series of short films with feminist erotica project Four Chambers. 

Gorman Sessions is presented by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres with support from the ACT Government’s Amp It Up! fund.

  • Mess Esque + Eleanor Malbon/Hannah de Feyter
  • Ellie Malbon and Hannah de Feyter.

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