Future Possible: re-directing design

  • VENUE: Gorman Arts Centre : Ralph Wilson Theatre
  • COST: $15 full, $10 concession or Craft ACT member (includes a drink and light refreshments)
  • BOOKINGS: Online via Eventbrite
  • WHEN: 4am to 5:30am
    24 August 2016
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Embattled yet defiant, the creative sector is both under siege and eternally reaching out to new, unknown possibilities. How we work and what we create now could determine the possibilities for our future.

Evading certainty, Future Possible is a series of lively conversations about the future(s) of creative practice. How can creative thinking help us to understand what futures we face? And what place might creative practice have in an unsettled future?

With a selection of compelling artists, designers, writers, academics and thinkers Future Possible is participatory and social, we want to have the conversations of tomorrow and the next day, with you.

In the first conversation of this series, we’re partnering with Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre to consider radical approaches to design and psychology. Leading the conversation will be Eleni Kalantidou, a non-disciplinary designer who is engaged in shaping alternative ideas about the function of design and craft practices that might enable us to adapt to the complex challenges of an uncertain future. The conversation will also featuring creative responses from artists and designers with work in Craft ACT’s current exhibition, “Embracing Innovation Volume 6”.

Presented by: Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres with Craft ACT: Craft and Design Centre

Featuring: Eleni Kalantidou, Mel George (curator, Craft ACT) and artists and designers exhibiting in Embracing Innovation Volume 6.



Dr Eleni Kalantidou is a design psychologist, researcher and educator.  She is a Lecturer in Design and Program Director (Master of Design Futures) at Queensland College of Art, Griffith University, Brisbane. She is engaged in an ontological understanding of process across multiple modes of practice that include design, architecture and psychology and its implementation on real life projects, research and theoretical work. Her research activities involve the development of Design Psychology as a field of exploration concerning psychosocial and physical adaptation in conditions of unsustainability and climatic change by negotiating issues of repair, materiality, communal interdependence and working knowledge.

Her publications include ‘Design in the borderlands’ (Routledge, 2014) which she co-edited with Tony Fry and co-authored with an interdisciplinary group of theorists and practitioners, her contribution of seventeen entries to the ‘Encyclopedia of Design’ (Bloomsbury, 2015) and a number of scholarly articles. Dr Kalantidou’s work has been presented and included in the proceedings of numerous international conferences such as the UIA World Congress of Architecture, Durban, 2014 and she has been awarded funding for her research projects “Handled with Care” (2014) and “Handling E-Waste with Care” (2016).