ONLINE CLASS: Introduction to Observational Drawing

  • VENUE: Online
  • COST: See Website
  • BOOKINGS: Essential
  • PRESENTER: Hand to Eye Workshops
  • WHEN: 12am to 12am
    5 April 2020 - 26 April 2020
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Eye to Hand | 4 week course | ONLINE
Eye to Hand workshop is open to members of the community from thirteen years of age and upward and welcomes everyone from all levels of experience and ability. Members of the community who have not had the opportunity to engage in formal art training are especially welcome to enrol.
The class exercises are guided and flexible to accommodate all abilities and sensibilities. We develop fine motor and perceptual skills, approaches to mark making and the depiction of forms in space. We draw a wide variety of objects chosen for the transferable principals they convey and participants develop a personal project through the four weeks of the course.
All of the exercises are carefully researched and are designed to:
• Help you see the world around you with greater clarity.
• Translate what you see from three dimensions into two.
• Heighten the sensitivity and dexterity of your hand, wrist and arm.​​​​​​​
The course is perfect for new students — from beginners to advanced practitioners.
Participants will have access to: 
• Guided observation and mark making exercises 
• A solid introduction to foreshortening and the depiction of forms in space 
• One-on-one feedback and support

Term begins from Sunday 5 April and runs for 4 weeks.