Dadang Christanto – Lost

  • VENUE: Gorman Arts Centre : Nancy Sever Gallery
  • PRESENTER: Nancy Sever Gallery is open Wednesday to Sunday 11am to 5pm
  • WHEN: 7 February 2018 - 4 March 2018

Nancy Sever Gallery is pleased to launch its 2018 program with an exhibition of recent work by Dadang Christanto, one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

In the exhibition Lost Dadang Christanto focuses on the issue of heritage and critical collective memory on traditional knowledge, called pawukon (wuku), that has been lost. The work is a reflection, a deep meditation on the Javanese calendar  and its “future prediction.”  This tradition, along with many other important events that are also no longer recognised, seems to have sunk into the depths of the ocean, erased by the wave of a new kind of modern belief system. In making The Wuku, Dadang was also in conversation and collaboration with artisans in Yogyakarta.