Collected Resonances

  • VENUE: Ainslie Arts Centre : Reception Hall
  • COST: $5
  • BOOKINGS: Tickets at the door
  • PRESENTER: The ANU Experimental Music Studio, in partnership with Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centres
  • WHEN: 7am to 8:30am
    24 March 2016

Collected Resonances is a concert series curated by students in the ANU Experimental Music Studio.

Each evening consists of four 20-minute sets featuring different groups of sonic and visual artists from Canberra and further afield, with a focus on creating a performance space encouraging innovative cross-media collaborations. Featuring performances from Reuben Ingall, Happy Axe, Shoeb Ahmad and Michael Norris.

This project is curated by student interns with the support of the ANU School of Music and Arts ACT, in partnership with Ainslie + Gorman Arts Centre.



Reuben Ingall grew up in Canberra, and studied computer music and interactive digital media at the Centre for New Media Arts at The Australian National University.
He makes music with an array of home-made software patches, iteratively mangling his guitar, voice and other sources to produce lonely drone pop and glitchy, psychedelic soundscapes.
His other projects include a radio show, motion-capture 3D-drawing software, recording and mixing bands, and a novelty mashup-DJ act. He has also worked on music for installations, theatre, e-publications, film, and dance.


Happy Axe, solo project of Emma Kelly (Mr Fibby, The Ellis Collective) uses violin, musical saw and vocals to create layers of sound that are beautiful, unsettling and cinematic. Organic instrumental sounds are melded with digital manipulation, looping and effecting, and all sounds are generated live.


Shoeb Ahmad offers a rich and extensive background, creating original, contemporary music and soundscapes, using guitar, piano, voice and computer, both as a solo artist and as member of the groups Spartak, Agency, Sensaround and Tangents.
With his long history in improvisation with both traditional and electronic instrumentation, Shoeb has released a diverse range of original music, including the well received Watch/Illuminate on English label Mystery Plays while also collaborating with numerous directors and choreographers to provide sound design and soundtrack material for live theatre and dance performances.


Michael Norris is an experimental sound artist with exceptionally broad experience in sound creation and perception. He has a deep understanding of sound and hearing through his academic research studying psycho-acoustics and neural representations of sound textures and has been performing sound art works for over 25 years in Brisbane, Canberra and Devon, UK. Over the past two years Michael has produced five sound installations for galleries in Canberra and Sydney and has performed at The SoundOut Festival 2106 and the Canberra International Jazz Festival. Michael exhibits with the Canberra-based Random9 art group and is due to present his next installation in the ANU Art School Foyer Gallery in April. This Collected Resonances performance will feature a programmed instrument based on a concept of “flocking percussion”, plus light-mediated sound mixing developed for the next Random9 installation.