American Tribal Style Belly Dance – immediate

  • VENUE: Ainslie Arts Centre
  • COST: $128/term
  • BOOKINGS: Contact
  • PRESENTER: Buasavanh Tribal Belly Dance
  • WHEN: Mondays, 6:30pm to 7:30pm
    9 October 2017 - 27 November 2017

A faster-paced and more challenging intermediate class for dancers wishing to extend their skills in American Tribal Style® belly dance. This class will offer more complex dance combinations and formations, belly dance drills for fitness and conditioning, simple floor work (optional), new zill patterns and ongoing development in the art of dance improvisation. Dancers will start to prepare for performance opportunities and explore costuming, make up, jewellery, musicality, dance etiquette and the history of ATS. Bring a bottle of water and your own finger cymbals.

Students taking the intermediate class must also enrol in the continuing beginners’ class.