Ainslie Salon: Light + Waves

  • VENUE: Ainslie Arts Centre : Ainslie Main Hall
  • COST: $20-$30
  • PRESENTER: Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres
  • WHEN: 3:30pm to 9pm
    12 February 2022
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This event offers up 4 leading lights of exploratory electronic music from the Australian east coast set in a warm deep listening environment in the Ainslie Main Hall. Allow yourself to be immersed within delicate textures, programmed pulses and hypnotic voices. 
Aphir is the solo electronic choral project of Becki WhittonAs Aphir, Becki has been hailed as part of ‘Australia’s new wave of female electronic innovators’ and has performed around Australia and internationally including performances at Music Tech Fest (Berlin), Denmark Arts (WA), and Falls Festival. 
Megan Alice Clune is a musician, composer and artist based in Eora (Sydney). She has presented work and undertaken residencies across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America, including 3331 Arts Chiyoda (TYO), VividLIVE at the Sydney Opera House, Next Wave Festival (MEL) and Bang on a Can Summer Music Festival (MA). Her latest album If You Do was released in September 2021 on the Room 40 label.
VOLTA HYMN is the moniker of vocalist, producer and sound artist Delali Zevon-Aniakwah. VOLTA glorifies everyday euphorias – crushes, escapism, revenge fantasies – through synth and voice driven experimental-electronic music. For her upcoming release Incognito Mode VOLTA explores self-becoming on a sonic backdrop that attempts to capture the vigour of dancing alone to 2010’s electronica, and the thrill of arriving at your next destination.  

Genie (she/her) is passionate about making electronic music more accessible and fun! Born/bred/die hard Canberra fan, she makes experimental dance and ambient music and loves collaborating with her friends.