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Ainslie and Gorman offers a challenging and exciting environment for arts professionals with the ambition to make a difference.



Employment Opportunity:

We are seeking Events Casuals: Box Office and Bar Staff

Key responsibilities include:

Pre-Event :

  • To assist with bar stock-taking under the supervision of the Duty Manager;
  • To assist with cash handling under the supervision of the Duty Manager.
  • To help set up the working space:
  • Ticketing: to ensure that all necessary forms and documents are filled out and displayed as required and that the venue is both presentable and safe to use;
  • Bartending: to prepare snacks and beverages and ensure that relevant signage is displayed; please note that the bartending role may involve the lifting of medium weights, such as cases of wine and beer.

During Event:

  • To greet and welcome patrons;
  • To record the number of guests attending the event;
  • To respond to general enquiries about the event and our facilities;
  • To assist with ticket sales and match online ticket purchases with their buyers;
  • To report any incidents or potential safety issues to the Duty Manager in charge.

Post Event:

  • To pack down and return the space to the state it was upon arrival;
  • To assist in the reconciliation of the bar sales with the post-event bar stock take;
  • To assist in the reconciliation of cash and Eftpos sales under the supervision of the Duty Manager.

Skills and character requirements:

Essential :

  • Punctuality and reliability;
  • The ability to multi-task consistently;
  • The ability to remain focused during crowded, loud or late-night events.
  • Strong mathematical and basic computer skills, especially:
  • The ability to work with a basic Point-of-Sale system;
  • Accurate and reliable book-keeping skills in the event that the POS system is unavailable or in need of repair;
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, the ability to work as part of a small team and a professional, courteous attitude;
  • A Responsible Service of Alcohol certificate.

Highly-desirable skills:

  • Previous experience with cash handling and Eftpos transactions.
  • Experience in venue or event management,
  • Experience in front-of-house or office management.

Highly-desirable qualifications:

  • A First Aid Certificate.

Other desirable skills:

  • Technical knowledge of basic sound, A/V and lighting systems.
  • Accountancy experience or knowledge;
  • Previous bar or catering experience.

Other desirable qualifications:

  • Cert II in Hospitality Operations, Cert III in Events, volunteering experience with festivals, other relevant qualifications.
  • Working with Vulnerable People certificate.

How to Apply:

Please note the following points before applying for this position:

Availability and allocation of shifts:

  • Most of our events take place outside of office hours (after 4pm) and during week-ends;
  • Shifts may vary depending on our events program, your personal skillset and the circumstances of other casual employees.

Responsibility and accountability

  • In this position you will be supervised by a Duty Manager (DM), however:
  • The AGAC is a public facility that receives funding from the ACT Government. As a consequence, all budgets and financial transactions, including day-to-day cash and Eftpos sales, must be accounted for and recorded for auditing purposes. You will be responsible for ensuring this process is effective “on the ground” and you will be the first link of the accountability chain.

Application process

  • To apply for this position, please send a cover letter, a detailed resume that clearly demonstrates how your experience matches the job description and two references to, with your full name and the position you are applying for in the subject line of your e-mail.
  • All applicants must attach a current RSA or indicate they will obtain an RSA before employment commences.
  • Please note that only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an individual interview.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people and LGBTQI individuals are strongly encouraged to apply for all positions advertised by Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres.




Arts Administration Services

Critics Forum 2013. Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Art Atelier.

Critics Forum 2013. Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Art Atelier.

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres offer a range of professional services to artists and arts organisations, including auspicing for artists and community groups seeking administrative services to receive and manage grants.

In our role as arts centre managers, we have developed the specialist administrative expertise to auspice grants professionally, reliably, and with an understanding of the unique needs of artists and creative communities. To find out more about our auspicing program, please contact us

Work Experience and Interns


Audiences enjoy an Exhibition in the Bogong Thatre, Gorman Arts Centre. Photo by Art Atelier.

If you are thinking about a career in the arts, Ainslie and Gorman offer tertiary students the unique opportunity to work with experienced staff members at our multi-art form centres. We accept applications from students studying arts and cultural management, event management, technical production, and other related fields, to undertake a secondment or work experience placement with us. We also accept applications from secondary and college students studying technical production. Applications to undertake a work experience placement with Ainslie and Gorman are open year-round. Successful applicants will have a tailored placement according to the field and level of study. Placements are generally project or event-based and supervised by a key member of Ainslie and Gorman staff. We can also broker introductions to our member organisations, who also offer opportunities from time to time.

Work experience at Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centre is an invaluable opportunity to learn from experienced arts centre staff about programming, producing, marketing, communications and operating in a multi-arts context.

To apply, download the Work Experience Application Form.


An Ensemble from Canberra Youth Music performing in the Main Hall at Ainslie Arts Centre. Bloom 2012. Photo by Art Atelier.

An Ensemble from Canberra Youth Music performing in the Main Hall at Ainslie Arts Centre. Bloom 2012. Photo by Art Atelier.

Ainslie and Gorman Arts Centres’ Volunteer Program provides individuals with the opportunity to support us in the delivery of high quality arts programs at our multi-arts centres. We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated individuals, who have a passion for the arts and are interested in gaining industry experience. We have plenty of volunteering opportunities in areas such as front of house, arts administration, artist liaison, food and beverage, and event coordination. You will meet new people, learn new skills, and be part of a team that supports some of Canberra’s finest artists, arts organisations and audiences.

If you are interested in submitting an expression of interest, or if you would like further information, please contact