Live Art Lab 2021

Thursday, 9 September 2021

Welcome to A+G’s Live Art Lab 2021!

Live Art Lab is a creative development program supporting independent ACT artists to develop live art projects with professional mentorship. From August to December 2021, a diverse selection of artists/ makers will come together to engage in critical conversation and to develop their ideas with guidance from industry mentors and A+G.  The participants in the Live Art Lab program in 2021 are:

Dance artist Ade Suharto has studied aspects of the Javanese dance canon and currently working through her relationship to its forms. She is interested in locating fundamental principles through her own experimentation and expanding from her work as a solo dance artist. Ade will be working with Adelaide dance artist Alison Currie and Chennai based mentor Padmini Chettur in a radical rehaul of process. Ade is a Pina Bausch Fellow for Dance and Choreography in 2021..

莎瑜 (ShaYu) is a collaborative project between Zhi and 黑芝麻 (HeiZhiMa). Zhi is an experimental artist whose work includes digital poetry and installation art. 黑芝麻 is a sound artist who weaves topics of cultural identity and belonging, environmentalism, and sensuality using  field recordings, spoken word, texts and music. Together they are exploring concepts of deep listening and intimacy, in process and public engagement.

Cathy Petocz is a theatre artist with a diverse practice, including performing/composing music, curation, and devising and writing performance works. Cathy is developing an interactive and immersive live art experience that examines ritual and spirituality in contemporary cultural contexts, placing herself at the centre of these interrogations.

Zora Pang is an emerging creative producer whose practice focuses on socially engaged art experiences. Zora works collaboratively or collectively and is intrigued by the idea of artists as culture producers, and will be exploring her role as “artist” in her producer practice. Zora will be working with Berlin based mentor Caroline Woolard to examine facilitation as artistic process.